It all Started with an oven...


a really cheap, rubbishy secondhand bread oven to be specific.

Things have come a long way since Florence & Darren began their adventure, the bakery setup is a lot more professional, but the ethos and mission have remained exactly the same - to make damn good, no nonsense sourdough bread.



the process

three days in the making...
All of our loaves are lovingly crafted over a period of three days, from the first ferment, to the final shaping and baking.

Each day at Hoxton is a different story. Our skilled bakers are attuned to the ever changing weather, the flour, the sourdough starter & a complex mix of elements. It's a balancing act between temperature, time, moisture, yeast and bacteria that all needs to be just right. Its like alchemy, creating the perfect crust, against the chewy crumb of each  loaf from some of the simplest ingredients; flour, water and salt. An ancient and tactile process thats half science, half intuition.